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Why is Jessica “JAG” Aguilar a source of inspiration for women athletes and or entrepreneurs?

The MMA fighter originally from Poza Rica, Veracruz and raised in Houston, Texas has been a trailblazer since 2006.

Aguilar, became the first Mexican female MMA World Champion, the first Mexican female to sign and fight for the UFC and the first OUT athlete in MMA. She debuted on August 1, 2015 against Claudia Gadelha. Her name has been very important in opening the doors of the UFC not only to Mexican female fighters, but to those from all over Latin America.

In 2021 Jessica signed with RIZIN FC out of Japan and one of Asia's largest MMA Promotions. She is a woman on a mission! Jessica Aguilar (nicknamed “JAG”) is an amazing individual in terms of her priorities in life, passionate work ethic and how she is continually seeking out others to help. She is greatly appreciated for her huge heart; and in addition to just being an incredibly warm and caring human being ‒ Jessica is also an extremely fierce competitor, and demonstrates this every time she steps onto a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) mat, or into a fighting ring or cage.

Lessons to be learned from Jessica Aguilar: if you are innovating in your sport or market, keep striving to take the first steps and become an example for the new generations of athletes and or entrepreneurs.

She believes that everything is possible if you really want it!

Smile & Believe :)

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