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Houston, Texas

Jessica Aguilar

Birthdate: May 8, 1982


Height: 5‘4"

Class: Atom weight


American Top Team



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Cholula, Puebla

Nickname: "JAG"

Weight: 110.9 lbs.

WoMMAn on a Mission!

Jessica Aguilar (nicknamed “JAG”) is an amazing individual in terms of her priorities in life, passionate work ethic and how she is continually seeking out others to help.


She is greatly appreciated for her huge heart; and in addition to just being an incredibly warm and caring human being ‒ Jessica is also an extremely fierce competitor, and demonstrates this in everything she does in and out of the MMA cage/mats. The transformation from her "gentlelady" demeanor into her "warrior fighting" mode must be seen to appreciate. It all starts with the twinkle in her eyes, morphing into a laser focused determination that can best be described as a pure predator mode.


This is hard to imagine, even when you are observing it 1st hand, as Jessica perpetually beams and radiates positive energy that is 2nd to none. It’s as if a switch has been flicked on, and this petite 115 pound sweetie instantly becomes an absolute fighting machine. Her eyes alone tell you that there will simply be no escape from her explosive, aggressive fighting style. Yes, when it is time for Jessica to unleash what she has un-relentlessly trained for, her fighting skills simply become reactionary and instinctual.

Fight Career Stats

Fighter Stats: Professional MMA Fighter

Fighting Style: Black Belt in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), Striker & Grappler


Combined MMA & Grappling Record:


World Rankings:

 #6 Atom weight Division

All Time Rank:

#18 All (Women)

Highest Quarterly Ranking: 5/18/2012- 1/01/2015

#1 Women Strawweight

Team: TeamJAG

Club/Gym: Brazilian Warriors/ Lobo

Height: 5’4 (163cm)

Weight: 110.9lbs (50kg)

City: Houston, Texas/ Puebla, Mexico

State: Puebla

Country: Mexico

Nombre, Título

image (11).jpeg

At an early age, Jessica’s sports career began after her PE teacher noticed her athlete talent. 


After winning all sports team championships throughout school and graduating early, Jessica left home at 20 years old to follow her dreams and found MMA.

Aguilar, a Dual citizen of MEXICO and the US, has been trailblazing through the largest MMA organizations since 2006. She has gone on to win 3 GOLD medals for Team FILA USA grappling, was among the shortlist of girls to start the female side with Bellator MMA, the first OUT athlete in MMA, became the first Mexican female MMA World Champion and the first Mexican female to sign and fight for the UFC.


In 2014 GLAAD was proud to have Aguilar at the 25th Annual Media Awards in New York, where she talked about LGBT inclusion in sports, along with other openly LGBT athletes WWE Superstar, Darren Young, Olympic speed skater Blake Skjellerup, and NCAA basketball player Derrick Gordon.


Her name has been very important in opening the doors of the UFC to Mexican female fighters, but to those from all over the world. 

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She still has unfinished business. Moving into her next chapter, JAG signed with RIZIN FF, one of Asia's largest MMA Promotions.


In addition to her passion, Jessica also continues to share Self Defense to kids and women, Public Speaking engagements, commentating and plans to build upon these initiatives in the coming years.

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